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WEO Media Wins “Best of Class” Award for Dental Marketing & Dental Websites


WEO Media will receive the Cellerant "Best of Class" Technology Award at the Tech Expo at ADA's 2016 Annual Meeting. Congratulations, WEO Media!

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Facebook Developments That Could Impact Your Practice

It should be no surprise that the largest social media site on the planet continues to innovate at a rapid pace. It’s been very interesting to monitor recent developments, and understand their impact on dental practice marketing. 

You should be aware of two new features, because they’ll help determine if and how your practice’s posts and information appear to people on Facebook.

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June Webinar

Embezzlement in the Practice

Estimates show that 3 in 5 dental practice owners will be embezzlement victims at some point.

Most victims don't know embezzlement is occurring, because they don't have the resources or training to detect it.

Best Card covers the profile of a staff embezzler, the most common forms of embezzlement, and easy measures that can be taken to prevent embezzlement at your practice.
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